Thank you for visitng LucidBall. My name is Daniel Mangum and I am a full stack software engineeer who loves building all levels of technology products from infrastructure and API's to dashboards and data science. LucidBall is a project that I started because I love reading and listening to the musings of my favorite NBA and NCAA writers, but I find their content (whether it be tweets or full articles) is often hindered by an inability to show visualizations of data trends and patterns they are referencing.

My vision for LucidBall is a collection of dynamic data visualization tools that allow NBA writers and fans to better explain the points they are making. Luckily, the NBA is very sophisticated in the statistics it offers to fans. However, they are severely lacking in visaulization generators. Many of the great people on NBA Twitter have created beautiful visualizations from NBA data, but it is mostly to illustrate points that they are making. LucidBall serves to be a platform that allows anyone, regardless of data science skill level, to be able to create visualizations to support their point in a widely read article or the take they are arguing with their best friend.

Most of all, being a basketball fan has brought me so much joy, and I genuinely am grateful for all the people who talk, write, and tweet about the NBA and NCAA. I have included just a very small subset of these people below as my influences in order to show appreciation for the work that they do. LucidBall is for every person who loves basketball, and those who haven't discovered that they do. I hope just one more person gets to experience a fraction of the joy that I do.

- Daniel

Note: LucidBall incurs significant costs for providing its tools to the community. If you use LucidBall tools or support the mission, please consider giving a small financial gift to keep it running. You can donate here, or if you still aren't sure, read about how we do donations at Lucidball.


Sam Vecenie - @Sam_Vecenie

Cole Zwicker - @colezwicker

Jackson Hoy - @JHoyNBA

Dave DuFour - @DaveDuFourNBA

Tony Jones - @Tjonesonthenba

And Many Others...